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Emails are the main tool I use for my job, period. During my career I realized that there are lots of different ways to manage the huge amount of emails you receive every day and in the past I have used many tools to make that process even better.

Follow Mail is definitely one of the tools that make that process a lot better! For example, think of sending lots of emails to different people and not receiving any response. How many times you forget to followup? What about a tool that reminds you when it’s a good time to followup if someone hasn’t replied to your important email yet? This is one of the many options this app makes available, definitely a huge improvement to your daily job.

Follow Mail is developed by one of our developer Elites, Shashwat Pradhan, and for sure it’s one of the utilities everyone should have on their BlackBerry. He and his company Emberify have developed lots of great apps for BlackBerry, I recommend to check them out.

Together with this app, as usual, we are recommending three other  applications. Here are our selection this week:

Here is some more information about Follow Mail:

Follow Mail allows you to create Follow Ups, Notifications and also Fast Read emails. Follow Mail works complimentary to the Hub, providing the best email experience.”

Follow mail v4

Where did the idea come from?
Working with people in the sales team. They needed an efficient way follow up to emails. The same idea works great for everyone even normal consumers.

How long did it take to develop the app?
This app took 3 months to develop by our team at Emberify. It has been in continuous development since its launch, we just released its version 4. So you can say over 6 months now.

Who are your ideal customers?
Every user that wants to manage his/her email more efficiently and be more productive with their time. For enterprises, sales, marketing and executives are ideal customers.

Why should customers buy your app?
Follow Mail saves our users time and is reliable in making sure the user follows up with emails. Since BlackBerry users have a busy work schedule and time is of the utmost importance, Follow Mail makes it worth customers to buy. Its email notifications and fast read feature add to its value. Even enterprise users find Follow Mail efficient since it syncs with the work mail. We have over 65,000 happy users of Follow Mail too!

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