This Week In BlackBerry World: CascaRun

Any active runner/biker out there? If those (and more) sports are part of your daily routine, this is definitely an app you should have on your BlackBerry. Well, it’s actually much more than that, since CascaRun is a full-featured sport tracking utility developed by Benoit Walter, a member of our developer community in Germany who invested a lot of time to make this app the best in its category.

CascaRun works very well for running, biking, hiking, skiing, skating, driving and more and provides real-time monitoring of distance, time, lap, current/avg speed, pace, heart rate, calories, altitude, elevation and much more.

Now, let’s learn more about CascaRun, we asked Benoit a few questions.

“CascaRun is a native Sports Tracking application which provides a user-friendly and powerful way to monitor and review your sport activities”


Where did the idea come from?
The existing sports trackers did not fill our expectations and we decided to develop an app which delivers truly accurate results and at the same time respects the user privacy. As we, as users, really needed the app, our motivation was high!

How long did it take to develop the app?
It took almost 3 years too reach the current state: while the original goals (accuracy & privacy) still belong to our main focus, we also added much more features like advanced statistics, high-quality audio-feedback feedback and a secure, easy to use web portal.

Who are your ideal customers?
Our ideal customers are also the most demanding ones: they look for the most important details (performance, quality, privacy) before looking at the fancy ones. It seems that it matches the typical BlackBerry user quite well.

Why should customers buy your app?
The commercial app delivers more functionalities for demanding users (like heart rate monitoring, audio-feedback, altitude profile, and more). People should buy the app to get the full experience and enjoy‎ the full configurability. Additionally, the app is ad-free and each purchase helps us to stick too our philosophy: 0% ads, 100% privacy.

If you want more information about CascaRun, make sure to follow CascaRun BBM Channel or take a look at their website. Last but not least… go buy it now 😉

Together with this app, as usual, we are recommending a few other applications. Starting this week, the apps we are recommending went from four to six, so here are the other five apps for this week:

  • File Converter: great app to convert any document to the most common formats
  • Instant: keep track of your smartphone usage
  • Theme: customize your phone
  • Rain: very nice weather app
  • Learn English: what about improving your English?

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