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Written by:  Dennis Reumer (@reumerd) and Chad Tetreault (@chadtatro)

So you have implemented you mobile infrastructure and you’re ready to increase your productivity and efficiency. But after spending all that money there is not much budget left for developing native applications for all of the Platforms.  One thing you already have mobilized for free is all your intranet and internet sites that are available to your users.

With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10/12 and its connected Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 devices, your employees have direct access to your company intranet through the secure work Browser. But navigation through your intranet might not always be easy, and it might help to provide your users with some waypoints.

We have created a very code light cross-platform web launcher that allows you to create simple shortcuts on your mobile phones directly to your intranet and internet sites, straight into the secure work browser.

The sample app is built with Cordova which allows you to target multiple platforms, in this case BlackBerry 10, Android, and iOS, with minimal effort.

Customizing the sample code, and making it work for your specific case is quite easy, and requires only a few simple edits to the source code.

First, in the config.xml file, customize the applications widget-id, name, and author details.

Code 1a

Next, in the index.js file, simply edit the url variable and enter the website address you wish to load.

Code 2

You now have a web-launcher!

To take a closer look at the source code, head to GitHub where we have a full step-by-step guide to help get you started.

This is a follow-up on our BlackBerry 10 WebWorks web launcher that we made available earlier, which you can find here.

Join Dennis and Chad as they present at the next Live Global Webcast Event:

How to Create Easy Mobile Web-App Launchers 

On Thursday June 25, 2015 at 11am EDT you can tune in to this Live Webcast.

In this one-hour webcast you will be introduced to a very simple, cross-platform web-app launcher that lets you securely connect directly to your intranet and internet sites via the work browser. With BES10 and BES12, employees already have secure access to company intranet through the secure work browser on their iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® 10 devices.

  • Allows on-the-go employees quick and secure access
    to critical backend systems
  • Offers fast, low-cost development
  • Requires minimal implementation resources
  • Multi-platform development and deployment


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