New Recorded Webcast: How to Create Easy Mobile Web-App Launchers for the Enterprise

EVENTS / 06.26.15 / BlackBerry


Create web-app launchers to quickly and securely access internal websites and backend systems.

With BES10 and BES12, your employees already have direct access to your company intranet through the secure work browser on their iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry® 10 devices. Since navigation through your intranet is not always easy, being able to provide your users with a app shortcut has definite advantages.

In this Webcast we will explore:

  • Allowing on-the-go employees quick & secure access to critical backend systems
  • This solution offers fast, low-cost development and implementation
  • Develop and deploy cross-platform to your users

Originally broadcasted June 25th 2015, and presented by Chad Tetreault & Dennis Reumer from the BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions team.

Watch this recorded webcast that will teach you how to use a very code-light solution to create easy mobile Web-App Launchers, directed to an Organization’s internal sites and critical backend systems for iOS, Android™ and BlackBerry®.

Cordova (Cross Platform) Web Launcher App: Code Sample 


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