This Week in BlackBerry World – Chromatic Tuner

Did you know that lots of musicians are also BlackBerry users? It seems that one of our developers noticed that, too, reason why for our weekly appointment with some great apps featured on the BlackBerry World Carousel, we will focus on an app every musician should have in their BlackBerry smartphone: “Chromatic Tuner“.

Of course, it’s not the only app developed by a member of our developer communities that we are featuring this week. Here are our picks:

  • Lazy Lists: the ultimate app to create lists
  • Do Now: a great app to manage your to-do list
  • Pintagram: what about a Telegram client for BlackBerry?
  • Chromatic Tuner: tune your guitar with your BlackBerry 10

Chromatic Tuner has been developed by one of our Enterprise Developer Group managers in Austria, Andre Pura (and his company, Mappau). Here are some insights about this very useful app (and yes, I am a musician too!).

“Whether it is a guitar, violin, trombone or any other instrument, just play the note you want to tune and Chromatic Tuner will show you if and how much it differs from the correct pitch


Where does the idea come from?
The idea to develop Chromatic Tuner rose in a pub in Graz, Austria. We saw some musicians, having trouble calibrating their instruments with an old fashion tuner. Uwe, Peter and I discussed, if it is possible to develop a tuner for a mobile phone, which detects frequencies automatially.

How long did it take to develop the app?
We developed the algorithms for detecting the frequencies in about 3-4 days and our designer was busy for some days until the final design was born. The process from planing to the market took about 2 weeks, including testing on different devices (editor’s note: this tells you a lot about how easy it is to develop and bring apps to the market on BlackBerry 10).

What are your ideal customers?
Our ideal customer provides feedback to us. We try to stay connected to different musicians and other customers to provide the best user experience.

Why should our customers buy your app?
The outstanding design combined with the algorithms in the application provides an easy to use user experience. You do not need to carry your analog chromatic tuner, you already have a digital in your BlackBerry 10 Phone!

If you are a musician, this is an app you should always have on your BlackBerry: get Chromatic Tuner now!

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