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 Written by:  Luca Filigheddu

For those of you who are regular followers of this blog, you should be aware of a program we have been running for a few years now called the “BlackBerry Elite Program”.

The BlackBerry Elite Program is an exclusive invitation-only program for passionate advocates who demonstrate an exceptional and vocal commitment to BlackBerry products and the brand. They lead the charge by interacting with others and sharing their knowledge within their own social networks to help create positive sentiment that positively influences wider opinion about the brand and BlackBerry’s solutions.

While BlackBerry Elites are not financially compensated, they are rewarded for supporting the brand and interacting on BlackBerry’s behalf. Elites receive special incentives for participation in the program, such as pre-release information about new products and services, special access to conferences, direct contact with important customers and various other benefits, including (of course!) a brand new BlackBerry device.

Participation in the BlackBerry Elite Program is offered by invitation to select individuals and every year we invite new members to the program, those whom we think could really help us achieve our goals. There are a few segments (Social, Customer, Support and Developer) and one of them is the Developer segment, made up of key developers who are contributing to the growth of the company and who bring new fresh and high quality content to BlackBerry World.

That being said, when we launched BBM Channels, many of our BlackBerry Elites started leveraging this new medium to get in touch with other BlackBerry enthusiasts, customers, developers and so on. For many other BlackBerry users/customers/developers/fans a BlackBerry Elite is someone to follow, to listen to and to learn from. So why not “certify” that those BBM channels are run and maintained by members of a community that is very important for BlackBerry?

For this reason, we have granted the “Verified” status to any active BBM Channels that are focused on topics relevant to the BlackBerry community, run by BlackBerry Elites and, possibly, with more than 100 subscribers. The “Verified” badge is usually used to show subscribers that the owner of a certain channel is really what/who someone expects to be and helps avoid impersonation.  That badge is usually used for big enterprises, very influential people, public figures and so on. We think our BlackBerry Elites are as important as public figures, aren’t they? 🙂

Here are five BBM channels run by our BlackBerry Developer Elites that we recommend to follow (and are now “Verified”):

  • Marco Gallo | Developer – Channel PIN: C000F3368 (100+ subscribers)
    • Very active and prolific developer Elite, expert Unity developer and great in both games and productivity applications.



  • Emberify by Shashwat Pradhan – Channel PIN: C002FEE57 (10.000+ subscribers)
    • One of our top Indian Developer Elites, builds astonishing productivity and business apps and often contributes to this Dev Blog with some very interesting guest posts.



  • Nemory Studios by Nemory Oliver – Channel PIN C0042916B (almost 2.000 subscribers)
    • Another very prolific Developer Elite, author of lots of popular apps in BlackBerry World



  • S4BB Apps Channel by Patrick Kosiol – Channel PIN C0010CD54 (almost 13.000 subscribers)
    • Channel of the popular BlackBerry App maker S4BB, run by one of our Developer Elites. Tons of high quality apps at your fingertips, don’t miss it!



  • PatWallace – Channel PIN: C00121FE1 (600+ subscribers)
    • Maker of the popular app Quick Post, another Elite I highly recommend to follow


I hope you’ll enjoy these channels and in the following weeks we are going to recommend more high quality channels run by our developer Elites, definitely a new and important source of information you should follow closely. Please stay tuned!



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