This Week in BlackBerry World – Episode 6

Here we are with the sixth episode of this (popular) series of blog posts aimed at recommending some great applications developed by key members of our developer communities worldwide. As usual, these applications will be featured on the BlackBerry World carousel this week and you will see some tweets by @BlackBerryDev recommending to download these apps.

Here are this week’s apps:

  • Foko: ‘Instagram for Enterprise’
  • Public Bikes: a great app to help using bike sharing services
  • Tilt Now: a dashboard to manage your activities (and more)
  • Giant Clock: no need of explanation here 🙂

Given that we already featured Foko on another blog post, this week we would like to ask Mitja Dragman, developer of Public Bikes and key member of our Enterprise Developer Group in Slovenia, a few questions.

Public Bikes provides you with number of available bikes and number of free docks. Maps and navigation to the selected station are also a feature of “Public Bikes” app. Available for users of public bicycles all over the world! More than 170 cities to choose from.


Where does the idea come from?
The idea for Public Bikes sprung from my personal need. I wanted to know how many bikes are available at the bike station near my home as I was still at home or walking out the door and not just until I saw empty slots with my eyes. If I had had an app I wouldn’t waste my time walking to a vacant bike station, would you?  Thinking about creating most of my app starts with two questions: “would I use it?” and “would it help make other’s lives easier?” The decision is simple if you think of it like that.  Useful app, happy users.

How long did it take to develop the app?
Since I already have a few apps on BlackBerry world, among them one that is already with Build for BlackBerry, development of this app was really a smooth fast process. It took me approximately 3 weeks to make it.

What are your ideal customers?
Anyone who uses public bike transportation and is annoyed by not knowing how many bikes are left.

Why should our customers buy your app?
Because, let’s be honest, these days time is money. Loosing time walking to a station with no bikes can cost you more than half an hour to get to the next station. And no one wants to be late for work.

Power user of bike sharing services? Please go and get your copy on BlackBerry World now.

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