This Week in BlackBerry World – Episode 5

Another week, another group of great apps for your BlackBerry 10 device. As usual, you will find these apps on the main BlackBerry World Carousel this week and our @BlackBerryDev Twitter account will tweet about them during the coming week.

This week we have a few very high quality apps and, to be honest, chosing the one to feature on this blog has been a very difficult task. Let’s start with the list:

  • Reminder Now: a great app to manage your reminders
  • Secure Picture: protect any media file on your device
  • Theme: customize the look and feel of your BlackBerry
  • Team Viewer: control any computer from your smartphone

The app we would like to highlight this week is Secure Picture. I really love the idea of having an app that protects any media file contained in my BlackBerry device, so we asked the developer Roman Verhovsek a few questions. Roman (@sivko2) works at Pronic Apps and he is based in Slovenia, Europe. I had the pleasure to meet him two years ago during one of the stops of our BlackBerry Jam tour.

Secure Pictures protects your photos, sounds and videos on your BlackBerry 10 device. A powerful  and efficient solution for securing private pictures and videos, dictated ideas, whiteboard screenshots, internal meeting videotapes, document scans and photo copies.


Where does the idea come from?
The idea for Secure Pictures sprung from the celebrity nude photos hack in August 2014 which uncovered the vulnerability of storing data in clouds. So we came up with an app that offers security to anyone who wants to protect their photos, videos and voice recordings, particularly those stored in cloud.

How long did it take to develop the app?
As BlackBerry’s Silver Enterprise Partner, we are invested in developing enterprise apps with a particular focus on security since we recognize it as BlackBerry’s main advantage in the mobile world. Development of this particular app took us merely a month, since we re-used the code from PRISM Break Secure Email, our own solution for secure email exchange. PRISM Break Secure Email is also suitable for businesses so it served as an excellent basis for Secure Pictures. Both apps are ‘Built for BlackBerry’ approved. The same code will also be reused in our next mobile solution for managing business processes on the IBM BPM platform.

What are your ideal customers?
Anyone who wishes to protect their photographs, videos and voice recordings, ranging from private individuals to business professionals who can use the app on a company level.

Why should our customers buy your app?
To protect sensitive material from prying eyes and ears, as well as from hackers. The material protected by Secure Pictures can only be opened in this app and with a secure password. The app can also be used by a group of people (e.g. friends or co-workers) sharing the same password. We are happy to see Secure Pictures is receiving excellent reviews. This reinsures us that we are on the right track in developing secure enterprise apps for BlackBerry 10 devices and gives us priceless information to be used in the development of our mobile solution for managing business processes on the IBM BPM platform.

If you are looking for a way to protect any media file on your BlackBerry device, Secure Picture looks like a great solution, so please go and get your copy on BlackBerry World now.

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