Q-and-A: ‘Instagram for Enterprise’ CEO on Why Their App is a Perfect Fit for BlackBerry

04.10.15 / Lee Van Cromvoirt

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It’s no surprise that BlackBerry works with the best developers and solution providers to bring quality apps that help workers be more productive, in all types of business (we also provide the largest selection of productivity apps secured for enterprise via the BlackBerry Work Perimeter and Secure Work Space, all tested against malware and piracy).

Meet Foko, the newest member of the BlackBerry app ecosystem. Foko, a Canadian company, was founded in 2013 in response to an emerging need for a better, more engaging way for co-workers to collaborate and share ideas. Eric Sauve and Colin McDonald – the co-founders of Foko – had this idea to build an ‘Instagram for the enterprise.’ Today, the vision of providing an easy and instant way for companies to share visual content internally is at the heart of the Foko platform. We sat down with Marc Gingras, CEO of Foko, to…

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