Building Secure Android Apps for the Enterprise

EVENTS / 04.14.15 / BlackBerry

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Written by:  Kareem ElSayyed

I’m delighted to be at DroidCon Dubai this year and I hope you enjoy my session on building secure android apps for the enterprise.

Developing apps for enterprise can be a challenge as enterprise grade applications are more than just App code. Enterprise Apps operate in a container of their own where security is a forethought not bolted on, naturally connect to corporate assets which resides behind the firewall thus Protecting Data-at-Rest on mobile devices and Securing Data-in-transport from/to mobile devices become inevitable. Enterprise apps are manageable, deployed not downloaded and controlled by corporate IT rules and policies.

In this session, we will walk you through the four pillars of enterprise app development and how BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 12 (BES12) provides the most secure and flexible way(s) to manage Android apps on all android smartphones and tablets regardless of how enterprises choose to manage Android devices – Android for work, Samsung KNOX or Secure Work Space (SWS).

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Secure Work Space is a BlackBerry containerization solution for Android & iOS enabling work data and apps to be run separately from their personal counterparts. Such neat partitioning ensures air-tight security for work apps, and privacy for personal apps and data. No wonder it’s such a popular feature for any enterprise managing devices using BYOD or COPE policies.

The session will include demos, starting with packaging cross-platform app built using apache cordova to how to securely deploy this app to a Secure Workspace activated Android device.

If you are a corporate developer building android apps for your enterprise or an Independent developer, ISV who build business apps for the enterprise, then this session is for you.

I hope you are excited about the session and looking forward to see you at DroidCon Dubai.

Until then feel free to reach out to me @kemobyte with any questions.


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