This Week in BlackBerry World – Episode 1

Every week we use to highlight a series of applications on the BlackBerry World carousel. These apps could differ from region to region, but some of them are the same and are developed by a member of our developer communities.

Here are this week’s apps featured on the carousel, developed either by one of our Developer Elites or from a member of our Enterprise Developer Groups:

•    Inbox Zero: manage your emails as to-dos
•    Echo: very powerful voice recorder
•    My Accountant: to keep track of your finances
•    Silent Keys: type silently on a virtual keyboard

Starting this week, we are going to feature one of those apps on this blog in order to know more about the developer and to get some insights on where the idea for the app came from.

This week, the app we would like to feature is “My Accountant” from Ideal Apps, a team whose our Developer Elite Morten Lindstrom in Trinidad de Tobago is part of.

“MyAccountant is your personal finance tracker for BlackBerry® 10.  A handy, simple and quick way to track your cash flow.”


We asked the developer, Ideal Apps, a few questions.

Where does the idea come from?
The idea came from our personal needs of having an easy and handy way to control our expenses and income.
Once we created the main core of the app we looked for other features that could be helpful as well, like budgets and example reports

How long did it take to develop the app?
The initial development for the main core of the app took around 3 months full time job by our team of developers at IDEAL APPS..
After that, we have added improvements and new features, including some functions requested by our users, a process that is still ongoing.

What are your ideal customers?
Our ideal customers are professionals and consumers who want to organize their finances and have a control of their cash flow in a secure and private way, and always have the numbers available wherever they go (with their phone).

Why should our customers buy your app?
We believe that MyAccountant is a useful tool for controlling personal finances through a BlackBerry device, and it has many features that makes it stand out in its class of apps.

•    It is specifically designed for BlackBerry users who need data privacy and data security.
•    It is used by thousands of satisfied users, worldwide
•    It includes unique tools to alleviate the data input, such as the quick transactions, which is a way to store transactions with a single tap,
•    and also the powerful recurring rule mechanism for automating repeated payments and income.

“We are very happy to see the many reviews in BlackBerry World, speaking loud about the support and the quick responses from our support team.  As developers this is very heartwarming feedback, after all the hard work we have been putting into the development of MyAccountant. It is good to see so many satisfied users. Our plans for the future include new enhancements in various fields such as data syncing between BlackBerry devices.”

If you were looking for an app to keep track of your finances, go to BlackBerry World and grab your copy now.

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