Meet the New 5-Inch HD BlackBerry Leap

03.03.15 / Lee Van Cromvoirt

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Latest All-Touch Device from BlackBerry Shown Off at MWC

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At Mobile World Congress (MWC) today, we unveiled the latest BlackBerry smartphone. I’ve decided this is my new favourite device. All-touch? Yes, please. The BlackBerry Leap is built for those rising stars who value productivity, communication, and take security seriously. With its modern design, brilliant 5-inch HD display, and battery life that powers through 25 hours of heavy use*, the BlackBerry Leap gives you the power to succeed.

When you have the right tool, small steps can become giant leaps. Up-and-comers find their stride, and great achievements fall within your grasp. This is the spirit of our valued BlackBerry users; this is the spirit of the BlackBerry Leap.

Everything You Expect from a BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Leap fits nicely into the BlackBerry portfolio, offering an affordable device for those out there who prefer an all-touch option. It boasts the features of…

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