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We recently announced the release of the BlackBerry Native Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio (version 3.0 Gold) and told our community about the contributions Paweł Hofman made to this open-source project. After chatting with Paweł, I thought our developer community would love to know a little more about his interesting background and the improvements he made to the plug-in.


Paweł Hofman

Paweł has always been fascinated with coding and creating apps that make life easier. His lifelong passion for coding has earned him the reputation of being born with a keyboard in his hands. Even as a dedicated father of two and husband, Paweł has found time to build a successful consulting business.


Bug-Hunting at an early age! Paweł’s son following in his footsteps…

Paweł has built his business on high-quality results with a strong attention to detail. You can see much of his work first-hand through the contributions he made to the open-source project of the BlackBerry Native Plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.

For many developers inspiration comes from a little bit of curiosity. Initially, Paweł wanted to learn about the internal workings of the plug-in. A little curiosity turned into a strong desire to leverage the powerful Cascades framework through his favorite IDE, Microsoft Visual Studio. After nine months of hard work during evenings and every spare moment, Paweł added many new improvements including:

  • Redesigned the dialog boxes to simplify developer registration, API Level selection, and device and debug token management
  • Added new project templates and project-item wizards for creating OpenGL and Cascades projects faster
  • Added full Cascades support for building and debugging projects
  • Added full IntelliSense support while doing C/C++ coding
  • Added QML files syntax colorizer to simplify work with the UI
  • Added the Target Navigator dialog box for accessing files on the target device, managing remote processes, and supporting command line builds
  • Added the ability to capture logs (slog2 and console ones) and display them at runtime in the Output window


The improvements made the plug-in similar to the Momentics IDE for BlackBerry from a features perspective. And, Paweł promises new features down the line, so stay tuned!

With nine months of hard work, I can say this is Paweł’s baby! I want to extend a huge thank you for Paweł’s contributions and wish him the best in his consulting business. I know he is an old-school developer with up-to-date skills.

Paweł develops mobile apps for small and medium sized business. A true cross-platform developer with skills in building BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone mobile apps, as well as desktop apps in C/C++ and C# for Windows.

Thank you and good luck, Paweł.

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