Enterprise Developer Groups Spotlight: Edgar Glellel

Today, for our Enterprise Developer Groups Spotlight series, we go to Argentina where Edgar Glellel founded and runs a BlackBerry Enterprise Developer Group.


Edgar, @turco82 on Twitter, started working closely with BlackBerry since the launch of our first BlackBerry Tech Center in St. Luis, Argentina, where he also founded his first developer group. Through the Tech Center, they started helping local developers and local companies in Argentina to build apps for BlackBerry 10.

At that time, they also started working for a Japanese company for which they built an app called Tazzle it. It’s a service that allows you to quickly share and print content between a smartphone and a PC, through a USB dongle. It’s being used by many companies worldwide and Edgar and his developer group still support that service, but are also busy with some other projects both in the business and consumer market.


Among the others, for example, now that the Amazon Appstore is included in any BlackBerry device, they are helping some local companies to bring their games to that store, but they have also been busy developing the client applications for the social networking site Score and for some other enterprise customers.

It’s great to see passionate developers like Edgar at work, building something very important for their community and for BlackBerry. They have been able to catch lots of opportunities around the BlackBerry platform for over three years, both in Argentina and for other companies abroad and for this reason this definitely makes them a great success story worth sharing.

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