BlackBerry World App Vetting Criteria – Policy Update


As BlackBerry World continues to advance, so do the policies used to review applications for inclusion in the store.

We recently updated the BlackBerry World Vetting Criteria to reflect BlackBerry’s policy of disseminating content that is non-offensive, and to align with standard industry practices.  Specifically, we have updated our policies to prevent content with strong sexual connotations to be distributed through the store.

While today, most applications in BlackBerry World are in perfect compliance with both old and new policies, a very small number of applications contain issues that will need to be rectified.  The minority of developers affected by the new policy changes will be contacted to rectify any issues.

If you’re not already familiar with the BlackBerry World Vetting Criteria, it is a short document that highlights simple rules for submitting applications to the store.  Please take a moment to review it.

Lee Van Cromvoirt

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