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Below is a post from Edmond Bourne.

With the launch of BES12 it occurred to me that you regular readers of the devblog might be missing out on an opportunity to shine with your employer, or even better to sell your iOS or Android apps to Enterprise customers.

BES12 continues our support for Secure iOS and Android apps in the Enterprise using our SWS or Secure Work Space, introduced with BES10.  If you’re not sure what this is all about, here is a great intro on our Bizblog – and a more detailed version by my colleague Shikhir on the devblog:

There are 2 types of Secure iOS and Android apps in the Enterprise.

First case, you have an app written by yourself for use by your own company, or perhaps even for a customer. You goal is to use that app on a single BES12. To “wrap” that app for use in SWS you take the binary file (ipa for iOS, apk for Android) and need to follow the steps here:

Here is an earlier blog from Shikhir on this topic with a handy tip for iOS:

Second, what if you want your iOS or Android app to run with any BES12 in the SWS container? Well that’s what I’m referring to in the title. You want to wrap your app for SECTOR.

If you wish to wrap your iOS or Android app, and upload it to Apple’s store, Google Play or Amazon’s app store for android, you need to have it wrapped through OpenPeak’s partner program, SECTOR.

There is also some additional information on this topic on our bizblog (yes, it’s worth checking this out occasionally all you developers). Have a look at what some of us were up to last year, building apps for SECTOR:

Well if I have peaked your interest, for more information on the process check this out from OpenPeak:

Look forward to seeing more of you on the next bizblog update on what is available on SECTOR!


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