BlackBerry Classic Demo Day at Communitech

EVENTS / 01.23.15 / mannyelawar

This post was written by Manny Elawar


Since the launch of BlackBerry Classic the response from our user base has been extraordinary; the BlackBerry Classic reminds them of the power they possessed in the palm of their hand when using a BlackBerry Device – for productivity; for connectivity; for getting the job done.

Now, the BlackBerry Classic offers that same familiar experience. Upgraded.  A larger screen, better battery life, and the incredibly useful BlackBerry Belt.  Navigating your device has never been easier with the combination of the track pad and back button.  Accessing menu items is enhanced with the menu key.  All in all, the BlackBerry Classic provides a world-class experience for the BlackBerry user.

To get this device into the hands of local Waterloo professionals, we hosted a “BlackBerry Classic Demo Day” at the BlackBerry JamSpace in the Communitech Hub.  Over 100 attendees came out for coffee, delicious (and I mean delicious) donuts, and to get their hands on the Classic.  We provided demos of the device, the power of BlackBerry Blend, developing mobile applications for the track pad, and more!


The positive feedback after using the new features of the Classic were overwhelming; users found it quite intuitive using the track pad to navigate the device, and the ability to maneuver in and out of messages in the BlackBerry Hub was an added bonus.

We also demoed the new APIs for leveraging the track pad in 3rd party applications.  Developers were pleased to learn that they could take advantage of the new input features the BlackBerry Belt provides to enhance the user experience in their apps.  One developer remarked “I will definitely be writing an application for the Classic utilizing the track pad”.


At the end of the day, one lucky raffle winner left the event with a brand new BlackBerry Classic, but everyone left with a sense of renewed interested in the classic design we all came to love just a few short years ago.  To learn more about the BlackBerry Classic, click here

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