Mobile Application Strategies

ENTERPRISE / 12.15.14 / stepleon


No matter your industry, businesses everywhere are trying to navigate a path forward with mobile applications for their staff. With public app stores hosting millions of applications, some would think this would be simple. As anyone who has come over from the consumer side of mobility can tell you, the operational requirements in the enterprise are much different.

I recently had the opportunity to reflect on mobile application strategies in an article I wrote for the Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA).   Although it focuses on the financial services community, many of the challenges are common to all businesses.

The article focuses on the path to enterprise mobile applications.  As developers, we often wish we could just focus on the applications and overall user experience but in the enterprise, our applications rely heavily on the existing enterprise mobility infrastructure.  Just like a building will often fail if the foundation is weak, an organization without a strong mobile foundation introduces a whole series of risks that can put that organization in jeopardy.  This article will help you determine if your foundation is strong enough to support investments in enterprise mobilization, allowing you to move beyond the commodities of email/calendar/contacts.

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