The Enterprise Project: Developer Elites join forces

The Enterprise Project is an activity started a few months ago to engage BlackBerry Elites across segments and regions to help identify, select and develop a cross-platform enterprise application.

After the submission of over ten different enterprise app ideas by our Developer Elites, all Elites were asked to vote their favorite app in order to choose the one that would have been developed by a selected team of Developer Elites.

We are happy to announce that the idea that received the most votes is Cloud Task, submitted by our Developer Elite Alex Christou.

Sample task

Cloud Task will help organize tasks across work streams and individuals by allowing managers to create new tasks for their divisions, pushing out specific tasks to specific individuals, assign due dates and receive updates on progress. Everything will be hosted in the cloud and the app will include a well-structured contact list with all the personnel of a company for each division.

We are also happy to present the team of Developer Elites who will be helping to create Cloud Task:

Over the next few months, this team will work on the application and we will make sure to provide regular updates through the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog.

We are eager to begin the development process and look forward to sharing more information with you soon. Good luck to the team!

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