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We’re very excited about the new BlackBerry® Enterprise Partner Program because it provides access to the resources needed to create mobile enterprise solutions.  Joining the program helps raise your credibility with potential customers by demonstrating your expertise on the enterprise mobility platform trusted by Fortune 500 organizations and governments around the globe.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program is open to all organizations that are providing applications and services that enhance the value of the BlackBerry solution, including enterprise-focused Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), System Integrators, Professional Service Providers and Corporate Developers who are building non-commercial solutions. We look forward to partnering with organizations around the globe to successfully bring highly secure, best-in-class mobile enterprise solutions to the market.

Realize your full potential

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program is the perfect way to gain access to the tools and resources that will help build your expertise, expand your business opportunities and realize your full potential. Here are some of the benefits that you can access by becoming an enterprise partner:

  • Utilize exclusive partner branding to show the world that your apps and solutions leverage BlackBerry® platform that’s trusted around the world
  • Promote your offerings to a wider audience and access new sales opportunities by profiling your business in the BlackBerry enterprise solutions catalogue
  • Get targeted content designed to help you articulate the value proposition and features of BlackBerry products and services to your customers
  • Access BlackBerry support and training
  • Enjoy easy, affordable access to the hardware and software that you need to be successful in developing, testing and showcasing your applications and solutions

Three tiers to meet your needs

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program has three tiers to ensure that your needs are met, no matter what the size of your organization or where your solution is in its evolution. There is no membership fee, however some program offerings will be available at an additional cost to certain tier levels.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program has three tiers to meet the different partner needs:

Silver – this tier provides access to many benefits, including access to Partner Branding, device discounts and loaners, targeted content to build enterprise solutions and self-service support.

Gold – this tier offers all the benefits of the Silver tier, adding access to live BlackBerry events, and pre-release software with the proper non-disclosure in place.

Platinum – this tier builds on the offerings of the Gold tier with access to a Business Development Manager and a Technical Advisor.

Access to the program is free and BlackBerry will place the partner in the appropriate tier based on the partner experience, solution and requirements.

We’re stronger together

You have the mobile expertise and BlackBerry has the security that’s trusted around the world.  Just imagine what we can do if we partner together! You can learn more about the BlackBerry Enterprise Partner Program at

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