A Free App Gets You from “To Do” to “Done”

Free App, Built for BlackBerry,

We’ve talked about the Built for BlackBerry app designation on the blog before. You know, those three little words that communicate in an instant that your app will provide the signature BlackBerry 10 experience? Developer Jonathan Frazer took advantage of the positive recognition that Built for BlackBerry offers with his ToDo List app.

Stay More Organized for Free

Jonathan’s app is great for helping you stay organized. It’s simple to use and it’s absolutely free, which is always a bonus. The ToDo List app offers features that keep the user in control, like the ability to move items up and down the list; the ability to sort by time, title or custom order; and the ability to easily edit or delete items.

One feature that ToDo List offers, in contrast to similar apps, is direct sharing. This feature lets you select text or a URL from anywhere — in your browser or in another app — and then add it directly into ToDo List.

Speaking Your Language

Another feature the ToDo List app offers is support for natural language conversion, which is incredibly handy. Here’s how it works: when you add an item to your ToDo list that also includes a date and time, natural language conversion automatically sets a reminder on your device. ToDo List supports natural language conversion in 14 different languages — very appealing to a wide audience.

Seamless, Integrated and Absolutely Free

Thanks to the Built for BlackBerry designation, people immediately know that Jonathan Frazer’s ToDo List app will deliver the seamless performance and integrated experience they’ve come to love.

You can learn more about the ToDo List app, or download it for free, by visiting BlackBerry World.

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