BlackBerry 10 Theme just got better with Sencha Touch 2.4!

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Editor’s note: below is a post by Naveenan Murugesu
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With the release of Sencha Touch 2.3, we were excited to see the significant BlackBerry 10 theme enhancements which enabled you to create visually compelling applications with the BlackBerry 10 native look and feel.

Now with the release of Sencha Touch 2.4, we are delighted to announce further enhancements to the BlackBerry 10 theme as well as the support for the BlackBerry Q10 and Q5 devices.

If you are new to Sencha Touch, it is an impressive JavaScript® framework based entirely on HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It’s designed to bring an incredibly powerful set of components together to create rich mobile applications.

To get started, download the framework and then check out the Sencha Touch Learning Center, which includes code samples, videos, and tutorials. To get an idea of what is possible using the framework, there are a variety of demo applications showcasing the breadth and power of the platform.

What’s new with Sencha Touch 2.4?

To recap, the previous release of Sencha Touch allowed you to create the following BlackBerry 10 components:

Now with Sencha Touch 2.4, you can implement the following BlackBerry 10 components in addition to what’s listed above.

BlackBerry 10 Activity Indicator

You can replace Sencha Touch’s default activity indicator with the BlackBerry 10 Activity Indicator. Here is a sample code snippet:

Sencha 1

BlackBerry 10 Toast

You can replace Sencha Touch’s default alert() function with the BlackBerry 10 style toast () function:

Sencha 2

Support for BlackBerry Q10 & Q5 Devices

Sencha’s BlackBerry 10 theme support has been extended to support the Q10 and Q5 devices as well.

The touch framework is able to determine the screen resolution of the device and re-size itself accordingly. For example, if you take a Z10 application and run it on a Q10 device, the tab menus and action over flow menus become scrollable and the action bar will change its height to accommodate more screen real estate.

Dedicated documentation for BlackBerry 10

Last but not least, we now have Sencha Touch documentation specifically for BlackBerry 10. The documentation includes a getting started guide, code samples, live previews and much more.

BlackBerry 10 Samples

You can find a BlackBerry 10 sample included in the collections of samples provided with the Sencha Touch 2.4 SDK at /examples/blackberry.

There is another Sencha Touch sample application leveraging the BlackBerry 10 theme in our BlackBerry samples repository. There will be more sample applications coming to our repository soon. Stay tuned!

Bringing your Sencha Touch App to BlackBerry 10

If you already have a Sencha Touch application and are looking to bring it over to BlackBerry 10, you’re in for a treat – you can bring your application to BlackBerry 10 in just a few steps.

Here is the complete porting guide and a developer video, which shows you step by step instructions to bring your Sencha Touch application to BlackBerry 10.

Let me know if you have any comments or questions in the comments section below or send me a tweet at @Naveenan5. I will be happy to respond to you and even happier to see your apps in BlackBerry World!


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