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With BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 and BlackBerry 10 devices, your employees have direct access to your company intranet through the Work Browser. But navigation through your intranet might not always be easy, and it might help to provide your users with some waypoints.

Using our WebWorks web launcher open source project, you can create simple web clips onto the device of your users, they can use to launch your intranet portal or specific website in the Work Browser.

The Project is available here on GitHub (WebWorks-launcher)

Creating your own web clip

Added to the GitHub project is a very detailed step by step instruction document in the “docs” directory, and the short version on how to create your own web clip is given here:

1. Ensure you have WebWorks 2.0 Gold or higher installed
2. Ensure you have properly setup your signing keys
3. Run WebWorks
4. Create a new Project
5. In the plugins tab add the “” plugin
6. Copy over the files from this GitHub (webworks-launcher) project onto the newly created project replacing all existing files
7. Create your own 114x114px icon and save it as “logo.png” to the “www/img/” directory in your newly created project
8. Adjust and save the projects settings, and be sure to press the “save” button

a. Change App ID     to your own package name
b. Change App Name to your own app name
c. Change App Description to your own description
d. Change the Author to your own author name
e. Change the Author email to your own author email
f. !! IMPORTANT !!  Change the Author URL to the URL you want to launch

8. Build the App
9. Deploy through the BES (get the build from “<WebWorks Projects>/<your project>/platforms/blackbery10/build/device/” )


About BlackBerry

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