Unity Developers: Porting Your Content to BlackBerry 10 is Easier than Ever

GAME DEVELOPMENT / 03.19.14 / lgazzola


I’m very excited to announce that Unity Technologies has made targeting BlackBerry 10 easier than ever. BlackBerry 10 has always been included in the free version of Unity, but now the BlackBerry add-on for Unity Pro is free! Any Unity developer can now port their 2D and 3D content to BlackBerry 10 at no additional cost.

  • Leverage the Unity development engine you already know and love to create rich and visually stunning games for the premiere BlackBerry 10 platform.
  • Get your games in front of a whole new universe of entertainment- and app-hungry BlackBerry users.
  • Easily convert your Unity-developed iOS® and Android Unity™ games to BlackBerry 10.

If you have 4.2 and above, this option should be available to you now or within the next 24 hours while Unity rolls it out. If you are having trouble seeing it, hit the “Check for Updates” option to force the editor to do your bidding. For more information, visit the Unity store.

Full gamepad support

I also want to remind our developers that Unity fully supports the gamepad, providing you the flexibility to give your game a new dimension by providing a console experience on a mobile device. You can see all the great games that have gamepad support at BlackBerry World.

If you want to learn how to add gamepad support at, check out the blog post “Adding Gamepad Support to Unity Games on BlackBerry 10.”

Game Destination: BlackBerry 10

I hope you’re as excited as we are about all the possibilities that the Unity BlackBerry add-on will offer developers. Start taking advantage of no-cost publishing on BlackBerry 10 today!

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