BlackBerry’s 10K Developer Commitment Program is now closed

ANNOUNCEMENTS / 03.05.14 / melyoung17

10k Developer Challenge

We know our Built for BlackBerry program will help your app make money – and we backed this statement up with our 10k Developer Commitment Program. Launched last winter, participants who earn $1,000 USD on their app over the 12 months will receive the difference between their earnings and $10,000 USD for that app. The period to have your app Built for BlackBerry approved in order to qualify for the 10k payout closed March 4, 2014, so we wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the developers that submitted an app and congratulate all those developers whose apps have qualified for the payout!

More information on payout will be sent to those that qualified within the next four weeks.

We encourage you to learn more about Built for BlackBerry and the 10k Developer Commitment Program.

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