Meet the BlackBerry Developer Support Forum Expert: Andrey, aka Zmey

Today we continue to get to know our top BlackBerry Developer Support Forum contributors. If you’ve searched for answers to a question in the Native Development board, chances are you’ve see posts from ZmeyZmey’s name is Andrey Fidrya, and he’s helping us out from Russia.  Here is how Andrey describes himself.


I am a software Consultant with fourteen years of experience developing desktop and mobile applications, video streaming software, network device drivers and computer games. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine, and now live in Voronezh, Russia. Since 2007, I’ve worked in a small software team called Zabiyaka.

After attending the BlackBerry JAM Conference in Moscow, where the new BB10 platform was introduced, I started coding for it. Having worked with Qt before, I liked how Cascades extended it for use with BlackBerry 10, allowing the creation of fluid and beautiful interfaces. The Community Support Forums were a valuable source of information about the platform and I would like to thank everyone participating in them.

Together with Demid Chugunov, our UX specialist, and Anton Karandeev, a SW Engineer, we developed two applications for Blackberry 10, both are B4B certified:

1) Zabiyaka Unit Converter: a rich collection of unit converters and calculators, where much attention was given to accuracy of the formulas and ease of use.

2) Wireless Barcode Scanner:  the app’s primary task is to transfer barcodes to a PC for accounting purposes, but it can also recognize many QR code types such as phones, email addresses or geolocation information, making it a useful tool to have at hand.

Please feel free to follow me on Twitter at @zmeyc.

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