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GAME DEVELOPMENT / 01.21.14 / paulbe1

Gamepad Compatible

Does your game have gamepad support? The new Gamepad Compatible feature just went live in BlackBerry World! That means if you got an email from us saying you were approved, then your app should be up there.

If not, you still have time! Get your two free gamepads (by February 24th), and once your app meets the requirements we’ll add you to the category as well (ongoing).

The BlackBerry Gamepad API makes it very easy to add gamepad support to your games without having to worry about which specific gamepad your users have. Popular engines like Unity are already using it under the hood on our platform, making it extremely easy to support. By having its own category, adding gamepad support to your game can make it stand out to users that already invested in a gamepad and are eager take advantage of it.

What are you waiting for? Submit your gamepad compatible app today!

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