Have you tried the new BlackBerry WebWorks SDK? We want your feedback!

Editor’s note: below is a blog post from Ryan McDonald, Learning Program Manager for BlackBerry Developer Relations. 


A couple of weeks ago we released a new beta for the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK. This release marks the evolution of WebWorks, which is now based on Apache Cordova, and includes an all-new GUI tool for common workflow tasks. If you missed our announcement about the beta release, you can get all caught up here.

If you’ve already downloaded the 2.0 SDK beta and tried out the new tooling, we want to hear from you. We prepared a quick, anonymous survey to gather feedback about your firsthand experience with the new SDK.

Your feedback will be used to help shape future releases of the WebWorks SDK, including our upcoming Gold release. Complete the survey so your voice can be heard!

If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the new WebWorks SDK and all of its Apache Cordova goodness, you can download it and everything else you need to get started here. And once you’ve had a chance to take the new SDK for a spin, we invite you to share your feedback using the survey noted above.

We’re really excited about where WebWorks is heading and we’re just as eager to hear what you have to say about the new beta. Start plugging away!

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