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Qt Developer Days 2013

The BlackBerry Developer Relations team will be at the upcoming Qt Developer Days in San Francisco. The conference runs from November 6th to November 8th and will help both Qt experts and those new to Qt learn how to get the most out of this robust framework.

Both myself and Manny Elawar will be meeting with developers at the BlackBerry booth and discussing how developers can bring their existing Qt apps to the BlackBerry 10 platform. Additionally, BlackBerry Qt experts will be giving talks on a number of topics:

  • Developing with Qt and Cascades for BlackBerry 10 – Erin Rahnenfuehrer gives a hands-on overview of developing apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Learn about the tools and capabilities of BlackBerry 10 and how to start using Qt and Cascades for native application development.
  • QtConnectivity in Qt 5 – Fabian Bumberger discusses the Qt Bluetooth and Qt NFC API’s that are new to Qt 5.2.
  • Qt 5 on BlackBerry 10 – Beyond the Myth – This talk will help you learn how Qt5 will be integrated into the BlackBerry 10 platform and Fabian will explain how you can use Qt5 for your BlackBerry application development.
  • Adaptable UIs with Qt Quick – Alan Alpert proposes that pixel perfect cross-platform design is possible with QtQuick. Learn how to achieve this ideal with bindings, loaders, and file selectors.
  • Speeding Up Your Qt App with New QtNetwork Features – Peter Hartmann teaches you how to build a more responsive networked application. Learn what new features are available in QNetwork to help improve your app’s performance.

If you’re planning on attending Qt Developer Days come by and say hi!

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