Jam Asia 2013: From Start-ups to Fortune 500s – Build Your Business on BlackBerry

EVENTS / 09.23.13 / alexkinsella1

From the initial idea, through the startup pitch and all the way to marketing and app submissions, learn how we’ve partnered with everyone from USA TODAY to student Nguyen Long to build a business on the BlackBerry 10 platform! Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be covering at BlackBerry Jam Asia:



You’ve got a GREAT idea for an app that millions of people will want to download and use every day. Awesome! But how do you go about pitching, developing, marketing and launching this app? BlackBerry Jam Asia has sessions from how to “Build an App in 60 Minutes” to “An Insider’s Perspective on Apps that Sell,” which can guide you through the next steps after you’ve had your light bulb moment.


Alright, you’ve decided this app needs to be made. Either you’re going to develop it yourself and need a few pointers on “Delivering Mobile First Solutions,” or you need a place to connect with skilled developers who can build it with you. Good thing you can “Ask the Experts” like Alec Saunders, Christopher Smith, David Patterson and Ekkehard Gentz at BlackBerry Jam Asia, and also network with the greater BlackBerry developer community.


Now that you’ve developed and designed that perfect app, you’ll want to learn “Why Build a Built for BlackBerry App?” [HINT: B4BB = a higher profile with consumers] and how to “Get your Apps Out There & Get Them Noticed with BlackBerry World.


We know you’re not just making any app here, you are creating a business! You won’t want to miss out on “Monetizing your BlackBerry 10 Applications with Payment Services” or “Understanding Product-Market Fit.” And you’ll definitely want to learn “Who Uses Your App and How with In-app Analytics.”

Here at BlackBerry, no business is too big or too small to capitalize on BlackBerry 10’s resources. We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas and information with you and fostering relationships with mobile decision makers from around the world on September 26 + 27 at BlackBerry Jam Asia. Register now!

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