Jam Asia 2013: Developing BlackBerry Apps is as easy as 1-2-3

This guest post was provided by Anthony Hu, member of the Cascades Field Agency, and edited by Alex Kinsella

Hello BlackBerry developers!  My name is Anthony Hu, and I’m a member of the Cascades Field Agency (CFA). You might have heard about us since we’ve been mentioned in previous posts such as these.

This year at BlackBerry Jam Asia, CFA will be on hand to help you learn the fundamentals to build BlackBerry 10 apps with the Native SDK and Cascades framework. It’s easy as 1-2-3!


1. Join me and David Clayworth, another member of the CFA, for the JAM812: Build an App in 60 Minutes with Cascades session.

You might be wondering if it’s actually possible to write an application in 60 minutes. I can assure you that it is. During this session, we’ll teach you how to code a fully functioning native BlackBerry app using the Cascades toolkit, which allows you to develop applications that integrate with the BlackBerry look and feel while maximizing your productivity. Using existing data, we’ll generate a user interface from scratch using QML, integrating it with the BlackBerry platform and making it ready for publication and Built for BlackBerry certification. The power of the Cascades framework gives you the ability to create astonishingly beautiful applications with a surprisingly small amount of code. Register for the session so that you can see for yourself.

2. Once you’ve been through JAM812 and are convinced that applications can be written in 60 minutes, you’ll probably be interested in JAM862 – Lab: Cascades 102: Basics of UI Development. This session will be a two-hour hands-on lab where you’ll learn the basics of UI developerment for native BlackBerry 10 apps using Cascades and QML. The lab will also go through several snippets of sample code showing basic but crucial Cascades concepts, such as list, layout and nagigation. And the best part: you’ll get hands with the development environment and with the code to run your first application. With the samples and snippets available from JAM862, you’ll get plenty of ideas for your own application.

3. Once your application is done, you’ll want to get it on to BlackBerry World and into the hands of users. That’s where the JAM808 – BlackBerry World 101: Get your Apps Out There & Get Them Noticed with BlackBerry World session comes in. You’ll learn all about how to submit your apps to BlackBerry World, such as how to craft the perfect submission to get your apps noticed. We’ll also cover BlackBerry World’s vendor portal. Lastly, you’ll learn how to effectively use screenshots, feature outlines, search engine optimization (SEO) to help get your app noticed.

You can get more details about the presentations that have been mentioned above here.

See you at BlackBerry Jam Asia!

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