Slightly Social Developers Use Unity to Bring Road Trip Warrior to BlackBerry 10

BLACKBERRY WORLD / 08.09.13 / saml8


Just two weeks ago, we announced the start of Unity’s full support for BlackBerry 10. In case you were wondering who would be among the first to use Unity to bring their game to BlackBerry 10, here’s one developer that hit the ground running!

Canadian developer Slightly Social already has a history of creating great games like Rocka Bowling, A Raptor Race and Reckless Death Race that have been played by millions of users worldwide. With the release of their latest title, Road Trip Warrior, they have decided to bring their successful titles to the BlackBerry 10 platform.

We sat down and asked Slightly Social about their experience developing for BlackBerry 10 and they were able to share some key insights around just how easy and enjoyable developing for the BlackBerry 10 platform was.  From well-documented and intuitive processes to a friendly support team, Slightly Social was able to release their first title on BlackBerry 10 in less than three days.

“I’ve been a lifelong BlackBerry user and I’m blown away by the performance on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10,” explained Brad Mills, CEO of Slightly Social. “Our Unity games look and play better and smoother on the BlackBerry Z10 than it does on the iPhone5. We gave the Unity project file to one of our interns, Philip, and he had it working on the BlackBerry Z10 by the end of the day. In bringing great games to BlackBerry, I feel like I’ve fulfilled my patriotic duty as a Canadian. We’ve had games go to the top 15 on iOS, but the feeling of having one of our games featured and doing well in BlackBerry World is far more fulfilling!”

Head over to BlackBerry World and give Road Trip Warrior a play today!

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