The 12 Days of Development

HOW-TO / 12.20.18 / MSohm

 On the first day of development my team lead gave to me, a project without any security. 

On the second day of… <Editors Note:  The Project Manager has requested we pull this into a single verse.  Please move directly to day 12.>

On the twelfth day of development my team lead gave to me…

12 days of professional service consulting from BlackBerry,

11 design documents stored in BlackBerry Workspaces,

10 BlackBerry UEM Cloud trial accounts,

9 BlackBerry AtHoc Alerts,

8 BlackBerry SDKs,

7 BlackBerry Developer Forum posts,

6 sample applications,

5 BlackBerry Developer Blog tutorials,

4 BlackBerry Dynamics Shared Services,

3 BlackBerry Marketplace app listings,

2 BlackBerry ISV Partnerships,

…And an application with strong security!

We hope you have a safe and secure holiday, best wishes

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