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And we’re live! BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) 6 was released today along with a number of apps that showcase the power of BBM integration. Developers from around the world have leveraged the viral effects of the BBM APIs by allowing users to invite and share app experiences with their friends on BBM. They’ve also added new features – like in-app chat powered by BBM – for a more socially engaging app experience.

Here’s what some of our partners are saying:

  • “Players have always been able to play Backgammon King against real opponents but playing against your friends took a lot of time and effort,” said Troy Johnson, Director Strategic Initiatives, Magmic. “Your BBM contacts are your friends and BBM 6 is making it incredibly easy to share Backgammon King with them and invite them to play in real-time. The ease of access to our product, the ease of sharing and the ease of player engagement are each major breakthroughs. Combine those attributes of BBM 6 with Magmics’ industry leading in-game chat design and you have an incredibly entertaining experience. Trash talking your best friend over a game of backgammon has never been easier and more fun. It’s no exaggeration to say, for Backgammon King, BBM 6 is a real game changer.”
  • “PowWow uses BBM 6 integration to enable real time social event coordination,” said Kathryn Lahrs, Founder, Lahrs Apps. “Users are directly invited and notified of events that are created with our application. With PowWow, the latest information is available and BBM chats can quickly be started if any further communication is desired. Through BBM 6 PowWow users can share their location information, which is displayed in BlackBerry Maps. There is also an option to check your contact’s availability directly from their calendars and to create an event with this information; this is a very useful tool in event planning and saves time in the process.”
  • “BBM 6 is the underlying mobile social network making Wikitude on the BlackBerry platform a very unique experience. An augmented reality (AR) browser with millions of interesting places is already a very compelling and new proposition, but bringing it to life with millions of people who can chat, meet and share in an AR environment has the potential to revolutionize how we interact with one another. With BBM 6 and Wikitude preloaded on upcoming BlackBerry smartphones our AR browser will be truly going social for the very first time,” says Andy Gstoll, CMO of Wikitude.

And the best part is we’re just getting started. We’ve opened the gate to a community of over 45 million users who send over 1 billion messages per month, and we know that community is hungry for more apps that integrate with BBM. Take Jingu Apps, a company that focuses on building apps for the BBM community – they surpassed one million downloads in the first month after launch.

We also have a number of exciting events happening this summer that are focused on recognizing developers building on BBM:

  • BlackBerry Developer Challenge 2011 – Most Addictive social app using the BBM™ Social Platform: Submissions are now being accepted into the competition!
  • BBM Apps Hackathon: The contest is now closed, but stay tuned for more details about the great apps that come out of this event!

BBM is a leading mobile platform that provides an exceptional level of message delivery and receipt, so start thinking about what the BBM Social Platform can do for your apps!

About Theban G.

Theban is a Product Manager on the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) team, specifically focused on the BBM Social Platform. He loves the social space and is always interested in ideas and ways to make BBM more social.

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