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I just wanted to give you all an update to the Research In Motion® (RIM®) Open Source Software Projects on GitHub. We’ve just added both the Individual Contributor Agreement and the Corporate Contributor Agreement to the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ Open Source Software Project, which can be found on the individual repository wikis. Both of these contributor agreements will cover all RIM Open Source Software Projects on GitHub. This means that the community can now begin to participate in the contribution of both source code and bug fixes to the project! To view all the current contributors of the project, please see the contributor list.

We’ve also just posted the source code to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and APIs for the BlackBerry® Tablet OS in the project. In January, we pushed up the source code to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK and APIs for the BlackBerry project, so we now have source code to both BlackBerry WebWorks platforms (BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet) up in the project. We will continue to update the source code in the projects with each release of the product, with the goal of having RIM development using the public GitHub repository on a frequent basis to store and build these products.

Also, we just updated the list of new APIs that the team is currently developing for the BlackBerry smartphone platform. We’ll keep this list up to date with our progress as we complete these APIs and move on to new ones. If you have APIs other than the ones we have on the list, please tell us by using the RIM Developer Forums for this project – or better yet, if you have an API that you’ve created and want to contribute it, please fork the code, add your API and push it to us for review!

Lastly, we are shooting to have some build scripts up around the end of March or the beginning of April. We know the community has been clamoring to have these build scripts so you can build your own source files from the project. We’re also working on getting some unit and functional tests up on the project site as well, but the important thing is we’re making some really good progress!

Looking forward to the community participation and helping us continue to build a compelling platform and product for you!

About Adam A.

Adam is a product manager at RIM in the platform product management team. Adam’s focus and responsibility is on setting the strategy and direction of the BlackBerry web platform, including the web developer tooling products. He is also responsible for RIM’s involvement with the Eclipse Foundation and the Pulsar project. Adam hopes this blog will allow him to share his knowledge, viewpoint and passion for BlackBerry, but is really interested in what capabilities the community feels should be added to the web platform and tooling to create even more compelling web applications and content.

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