Introducing the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK!


Here we go, folks – the second BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet development environment to be released: the BlackBerry® WebWorks platform. Today, we’re releasing an early access version of the BlackBerry® WebWorks™ SDK. The SDK provides web and mobile web developers with a framework, API’s and tooling to develop web applications for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

If your background and skills are in using web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript®, then this is the platform for you! The platform extends some of the native device capabilities like system utilities, dialogs, and invoking other apps on the device and makes them available for you to use in your applications – helping them to become Super Apps!

Remember: this is still early access and the product team will be adding more and more capabilities from now until the launch of the device. The design and architectural principles for the BlackBerry WebWorks platform on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet were to keep as much in common as possible with the BlackBerry WebWorks platform on BlackBerry® smartphones. This means that apps written on one will work on the other; however some modification might be needed depending on the underlying device capabilities. For example the tablet may have characteristics like bringing up a native dialog box including various options like the size and appearance of the dialog on the PlayBook’s screen that aren’t on the smartphones. However, all of your HTML5, CSS and JavaScript code should all be compatible.

Also, we’ve released the source code to the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – please check it out and join the open source project. This is an opportunity for the larger developer community to get involved in shaping the future of this platform and tooling. So get involved!

And lastly, all BlackBerry PlayBook WebWorks applications that are submitted to BlackBerry App World™ are eligible for a FREE BlackBerry PlayBook tablet! To submit your apps, please go here, and see the terms and conditions here. To keep in touch with all the announcements and release information related to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, please enter your information here.

Thanks for your support!

About Adam A.

Adam is a product manager at RIM in the platform product management team. Adam’s focus and responsibility is on setting the strategy and direction of the BlackBerry web platform, including the web developer tooling products. He is also responsible for RIM’s involvement with the Eclipse Foundation and the Pulsar project. Adam hopes this blog will allow him to share his knowledge, viewpoint and passion for BlackBerry, but is really interested in what capabilities the community feels should be added to the web platform and tooling to create even more compelling web applications and content.

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