Why BlackBerry?

Platform choice, ease of development, and global opportunity are just some of the reasons to bring your app to BlackBerry.

Business Opportunity

Did you know that BlackBerry World™ is the most profitable mobile application store for developers? According to Evans Data Corporation, 13% of vendors using BlackBerry World are making over $100,000 which is more than Apple, Android or Windows Phone.

With an incredible reach of over 80 million subscribers, integrated credit card, PayPal and carrier billing the opportunities are endless. Match this up with BlackBerry payment services and you have a winning combination.

Integrating your application with BBM™ functionality has shown to increase downloads to the affect that BBM enabled applications make up for 20% of apps downloaded from BlackBerry World!

Developer Choice

BlackBerry is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to fit your skills. Your choice of development language will be based on a combination of familiarity, pre-existing codebase, and the target devices you’re looking to serve.

Each application approach (Android, Adobe AIR, HTML5/WebWorks, Native C/C++) is tailored for the developer communities supporting these environments.

Whether you are looking to create a tailored BlackBerry experience using Native/Webworks/Java or wanting to take your application code base cross platform with HTML5/Android/Adobe AIR, there’s a solution for you.


BlackBerry offers a wide range of programs to foster collaboration and communication within the BlackBerry Developer Community