BES12 v12.4+ Activating Macintosh OSX



In the BES12 v12.3 release we added support to manage a Windows 10 computer. We have expanded that with support for Mac OS X in BES12 v12.4.  You can now use BES12 to Activate an OS X device with ActiveSync.

The process for activating a Mac OS X device is similar to what we did previously with Windows 10 (or other mobile devices). Here is a great little video with the process:

Activate an OS X device or computer

The BES12.4 Admin guide describes the process in detail here.

When activated, you can expect the following:

  • Control your devices with various IT policies and actions
  • Configure Wi-Fi profile
  • Configure 3rd party VPNs
  • SCEP enrollment
  • And of course, email/PIM ActiveSync support

Like we did for Windows 10, If you’re wondering what it looks like on an actual Macintosh, here is an activated Mac screen on a BES12.4.1 server, with our activated profile, ready to go.

bes124_1Macintosh OS X, managed by BES12.4.1

bes124_2BES 12.4 administration console, managing a Macintosh OS X computer.

Now you can manage both Windows 10 AND Mac OS X on your BES12.4.   What comes next, stay tuned.

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Ed Bourne brings over 10 years of experience in mobility as a Sr. Enterprise Solutions Manager at BlackBerry. Ed manages the technical partnerships with some of our largest Strategic Partners and Customers, helping to foster BlackBerry expertise and bring a compelling mobile experience to our joint customers.

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