[VIDEO] BlackBerry Lighthouse Program Winners Announced at SenchaCon 2013


We spoke with the winners of the Lighthouse Program who were announced at SenchaCon last week in Orlando. We provided BlackBerry 10 devices to make it easy for developers to test apps and created a weekly webcast where they could interact with BlackBerry and Sencha experts. You can check out their experiences and demos of the winning apps in the video.

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I'm a PR and social media specialist for BlackBerry and I am actively promoting the development of apps. I have a background in advertising, marketing and brand management. Outside of work I enjoy playing the piano, dancing flamenco or curling up with a good book.

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    […] We’d like to extend our thanks BlackBerry and Sencha for allowing us to participate in this effort. Blackberry did a fantastic job in organizing and supporting the lighthouse program and highlighted us as a winner as well as others in their blog post. […]

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