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Close your eyes and imagine that with one API your app could send data to the cloud and store it there. Done? Now imagine that with the same API your app could receive push data from the cloud, on multiple devices. Done? Now add on top a control panel to manage and analyze your data.

You don’t have to imagine anymore, the service is here, it integrates perfectly with BlackBerry 10 and it’s called! Discover cloud database, cloud functions and the flexibility of the shared APIs to turn your application into a platform at

We are excited to announce that BlackBerry developers can now take full advantage of the offering with the BlackBerry 10 Cascades and BlackBerry 10 WebWorks libraries.

To make it even easier we created a sample app that allows you to:

  • Take a photo
  • Upload it to along with their meta-data
  • Fetch the array of photos available in the database and use a ListView to display them
  • Download the actual file asynchronously and populate the ListViewItem once the item is available in the data directory of your app

If you haven’t jumped up and down in excitement yet I’m sure that 6 months of free service in addition to the 4 months trial may just get you doing that!

All you need to qualify for your free 6 month voucher is to be a registered BlackBerry vendor. Simply send an email to with your vendor email address requesting the free extension.

More information is available on the website and at

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