Port-A-Thon Rewards Update


We want to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in our BlackBerry 10 Port-A-Thon events. They were amazing on so many levels, and we know you are getting rewarded every day with more downloads.

The number of apps you submitted greatly surpassed our expectations; with rewards exceeding $4 million USD!  At times I felt like I had a suitcase of money (Editor’s Note – Lou does not actually have a suitcase of money) and was counting out one hundred-dollar bills – my thumb is sore.  This was our first time putting on a program of this size and we appreciate all of your feedback and patience!

It is with great pleasure that I can say all emails regarding rewards have been completed.  All reward recipients have been contacted for payment or shipping details.  If you haven’t supplied Milestone with your payment details or Touchstone with your shipping details, please do so before the end of this month.

If you’ve provided your details on time you WILL receive your rewards.  Pending payments and shipments will continue after June 30.  However, we will not initiate any new payments or shipments after June 30, 2013.

Although we’re at the end of this series of BlackBerry Port-A-Thons, we haven’t stopped supporting your efforts through innovative developer programs.  We have an incredible year planned out for the developer community that we’re anxious to share with you.

For instance, we’re really excited about our first virtual event surrounding gaming.  Rather than focus on apps, we’re concentrating this event on making your games more successful! Stay tuned to the developer blog for upcoming details.


THANK YOU for all your patience and support!  We look forward to another amazing year together!

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