What Developers Need To Know – BlackBerry Q5 Edition

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Wrote an app for the BlackBerry Q10? Want it to run on the BlackBerry Q5? What do you need to know?

In this blog we’ll look at three items; software, hardware, and BlackBerry World that come into play to ensure your BlackBerry Q10 app runs fine on the BlackBerry Q5.


First things first – your BlackBerry Q10 apps should have no problem running on a BlackBerry Q5.

From a software point of view, all apps -Cascades, HTML5, Adobe AIR ,and Android apps that are already optimized for the BlackBerry Q10 screen require no UI changes for the BlackBerry Q5.

The BlackBerry Q5 hardware is slightly different than the BlackBerry Q10 hardware – so let’s take a quick look at the similarities and differences:

Hardware Similarities:

  • Display : 3.1”, 720×720 resolution
  • Camera : 2MP front facing camera
  • Memory : 2Gb RAM, Hot Swappable microSD
  • Wi-FI: 4G mobile hotspot
  • Battery : BlackBerry NS1, 2100mAh, removable battery
  • Connectivity : microUSB, Bluetooth 4.0 , 4G LTE
  • GPS : Yes, with A-GPS support

Hardware Differences:


Some points to remember:

Developers should be conscious of the smaller storage and warn users if their apps are very large (like a game) or generate a lot of data that can potentially fill up the smaller storage.

Developers with apps relying on processing power may want to include a warning about the app running slower on the device.

Apps relying on NFC for critical functionality should not post a release for the device. If NFC is optional, warn users that NFC functionality will be disabled (developers should handle this gracefully) – this advice also applies to apps relying on HDMI output.


The Simulator you used for the Q10 is the same one for the Q5– nothing changes, no specific Q5 Simulaor.

BlackBerry World

You need to update your release bundle to add BlackBerry Q5 or add it when you post your next release bundle.  Keep in mind – we are trying to notify vendors about this – so this may hold true only for app developers that do not have it set to BlackBerry Q5 right now.

Given that you have taken the above into consideration, if you are experiencing problems, please visit the support forums and look through BlackBerry Q5 related problems – and if you cannot find an answer for you problem, post a question – you’re part of a great community of developers!

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  • http://www.qbotron.com gyubok baik

    You should tell us how we can take caution to the slower cpu

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  • Loveth

    how possible is it for you to upgrade another blacberry device that is not Q5 to blacberry Q10

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    We at cell c do not support 4G enabled or Lte Enabled BlackBerry Q5 model phones,we support Hsdp but with good sppeds,that the truth,i contacted cell c but no help,

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