BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013 – Stereoscopic 3D and Much More

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Guest post from Roberto Speranza – Ed.

Next week is BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013 and as a member of the Developer Relations team, I’ll be stationed at various locations over the three days helping out developers when I can. Better yet, i’m also hosting a lab that I hope you will find a lot of fun and very informative on stereoscopic 3D and HDMI output for your apps. I’m also presenting a session on getting the most out of Momentics to help you build and package your apps in an efficient manner and streamline your development process. This is something all developers should care about since saving time during development often means you can take on more projects and earn more in the process.

JAM54 – Lab: Adding a new Dimension to your BlackBerry Apps – Stereoscopic 3D ( and other advanced applications for output to the HDMI display)

My first experience with stereoscopic 3D, like most people, was from playing with a ViewMaster as a child. In the years since, I have experimented with stereoscopic photography, utilizing stereoscopic 3D graphics in 3D modeling and rendering software I worked on in university and during the first few years of my career, and now I am reviving some of that early work in my spare time and applying that knowledge to develop stereoscopic software for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Stereoscopic 3D represents another way your app can engage with its users and set it apart from the competition. Imagine users playing your game on the big screen with the game play literally in their face or taking a look at NASA rover stereoscopic photos with their smartphone and feeling like they are looking out the window at the Red Planet. That’s the kind of emotion and excitement that this technology brings to those who truly appreciate it.

The techniques we will review in the lab produce stereoscopic 3D output via the HDMI display in a manner that should be compatible with the majority of 3D TVs and monitors in the market today.  The diagram below provides an overview of what type of output is generated and I will have sample code on hand so that attendees can dive right in and integrate it into their applications.


Is that all we will cover? Absolutely not. The stereoscopic techniques rely on HDMI output. HDMI output can be useful in a number of other types of apps as well. We will review some other use cases and show how the existing sample code can be adapted for those purposes. If you want to incorporate stereoscopic 3D output into your app or if you just want to know how to output content to the HDMI display in general, join in on the fun. After the lab is over, the 3D TV will be moved into the Jam Space for attendees so you will have the rest of the event to access the TV and test the changes you make to your apps and demo your efforts to others.  I’m looking forward to seeing what our developers produce with this new tool in their arsenal.

 JAM39 – Build and Packaging for native apps

As your app portfolio grows, you are probably trying to come up with ways to reuse code you wrote in a different application or organize it better, turnaround changes faster. Maybe the app’s download time is a little slow and you want to improve on it but don’t know how? If any of these questions apply to you, you want to attend this session. We will run through some tips and tricks we use for internal apps and some little known options available in the Momentics IDE to help you develop a build system to be more efficient during the development process.  We will show you some tips on how to build a Qt or Cascades shared library. If you develop on multiple platforms, we will share some tips from our porting guides on how best to create a shared pool of code that you can build on multiple platforms. If you want to use a shared library developed by someone else, we’ll show you how to integrate that library with the IDE for seamless integration with your apps.

These sessions are just the tip of the iceberg of the session catalog at this year’s conference. Join us in Orlando and learn a lot about what you can do now and what’s coming in future versions of BlackBerry 10. I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and to meeting more developers again this year.

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