We’re going to Mobilism 2013 – check out what you can learn there!


Guest post from Marysia Wiltshire – Ed.


On 16th and 17th May we will be sponsoring Mobilism 2013 in the Amsterdam. The show is in its third year and we are really excited to be involved again.

Just to spice things up a bit this year we are sending our resident developer Erik Johnson along to give a workshop on BlackBerry 10 Mobile Development. There is tonnes of info packed into the session and Erik may have one or two devices to hand out to the folks who engage and ask great questions too! Here’s just a few things you will learn if you head along:

  • How to build and deploy an entirely JS/HTML based application on a BlackBerry platform?
  • What is running the JS based application on BlackBerry and how it differs from other platforms?
  • How to include platform specific features including BBM and other plugins into your mobile web applications?
  • Overview of the toolset, environment and eco system including how to properly debug mobile web applications using Web Inspector on BB10?
  • Road map for the future of Web on BlackBerry 10, what is next?

So we can’t think of any reason for you not to go along if you are attending Mobilism!  To register for the session visit  http://mobilism.nl/2013/workshops

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