BlackBerry Jam 2013 – The Rise of Headlesss Apps and the Invocation Framework

BlackBerry Jam


Just wanted to quickly remind everyone that we are going to have great contents on how to achieve deep system integration via invocation framework including the rise of the headless apps. If you are attending BlackBerry Jam Americas 2013, please check out the following sessions. Otherwise, please change your mind and attend. J

JAM06 – Built for BlackBerry: System Integration with Invocation Framework

To qualify for Built for BlackBerry®, your application must integrate with a BlackBerry® 10 service. One of the innovation features of BlackBerry 10 is the invocation framework. Through the invocation framework your application or game can request another application to perform a specific task. Also, your application can register as a target in the invocation framework to provide your specific function to other applications. Join us to see why and how you can effortlessly integrate with this framework.

JAM47 – Background Services – Event Driven Processing for your Application

The session will discuss the brand new Background Services framework which allows developers to bundle a separate process with their application to run in the background without a UI.  Learn the basics of how this framework works, learn some guidelines about when to use it and when not to, and learn about the experiences of existing app partners that successfully deployed a background service and lessons learned from their projects.

JAM56 – CaseStudy: InvocationFramework – The heart of your business apps

Invocation Framework is the driving force behind BlackBerry Flow. Experience first-hand how Ekke’s OpenDataSpace, Conference2Go and SerCar10 app leverages Invocation and Flow for media playback, recording, sharing app and content with social networks such as BBM and foursquare, turn by turn navigation with BlackBerry Maps, in app System Settings, adding event reminders and much more. Ekke also provides his own targets so others can invoke his apps.

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