Unity and BlackBerry Gaming at GDC 2013



The BlackBerry Gaming team is back from an awesome Game Developer Conference 2013 held last week in San Francisco. The crew was there with the BlackBerry Gaming Booth to show off gaming on BlackBerry to gamers and game developers from around the world.

During BlackBerry Jam Europe 2013, we made a big announcement about Unity support for BlackBerry 10. The big news this time around was the announcement of the Open Beta SDK release that will start in the next few weeks. We have been hard at work to provide a Unity Add On integrated with cool BlackBerry 10 features that game developers have been asking for.

Gamers and game developers got to experience some of the features of the Unity Add On for BlackBerry 10 at Unity’s BlackBerry Pod space. That turned out to be the busiest station we have ever manned. The gamers were stunned at seeing a BlackBerry Z10 turn into a high performance mini console with a simple HDMI cable and a Bluetooth HID Steel Series gamepad controller. They were further excited by the fact that BlackBerry 10 now supports some very popular gamepads out there right out-of-the-box and this feature integrated directly with the Unity SDK. The goal is to have game developers make as little code changes as possible to port their games over along with seamless gamepad support.

Along with the BlackBerry Lead Developer from Unity and CEO of Darkwind media, Scott Flynn, I was co-presented three exciting  Unity Booth sessions and a very well received GDC session on Professional Game Engines for BlackBerry 10. For those who missed the sessions, the GDC Session will be directly made available through the GDC vault.

If you are looking to be the first ones to port your Mobile Unity Games to BlackBerry 10, pre-register here for the Unity BlackBerry 10 Open Beta. As a participant in our open beta for the Unity BlackBerry 10 add-on, you get the chance to see how your content will run on this new global platform, and give feedback for improvements directly to Unity developers.

And of course, for any questions, comments, concerns or kudos on the Professional Game Engines, Middlewares or Gaming frameworks for BlackBerry feel free to reach out to me directly at rmadhavan@blackberry.com or connect to me directly on Twitter at @rmadhavan7.

Happy BlackBerry Gaming!

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