Nobex: A Slick Radio and Podcast Application that’s Built for BlackBerry

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For those of you like me that travel enough to forget where you actually live, there are two things that top our priority list: reward cards and consumable media.

Since I’m on the road so often, I decided that I wanted an app on my BlackBerry Z10 that could provide me with a variety of endless content and would leave me satisfied no matter how long the trip.

My search quickly brought me to Nobex. Nobex is a radio application that provides you with access to over 16,000 radio stations worldwide and its beauty is in the layout. Intuitive menus allow you to find stations that are local to your area or you can drill down by country, state, province, or city. You can also take the category route and search for music stations based on genre or hunt through sports/talk stations to find the exact content you’re looking for.

If you’re a frequent flyer, you’ll have the same issue I have: no data connectivity. Nobex has you covered because it has an extensive library of podcasts that you can either listen to live or download for future listening. When I’m preparing for a trip, I download a dozen podcast episodes and enjoy them later.

Nobex is a Built for BlackBerry app and what separates it from other radio and podcast apps to earn the certification is its attention to detail. Here are just a few of the features that stand out:

Use of Cascades and Intuitive Menus

By employing the Cascades UI Framework, Nobex has taken advantage of the elegant, built-in navigation and transitions that give the app that signature BlackBerry 10 feel. Their usage of the various menus available has elevated the experience.

All main features in Nobex can be found with a single tap of the thumb on the tab menu in the bottom left corner. Now Playing, Radio, Podcasts, Subscriptions, Downloads, Favorites, and Recent items are all accessible from this one menu.

When viewing a list of items, long-pressing an item provides the user with a specific context menu. For example, while browsing podcast episodes, long-pressing will give you the options to view info about it, the ability to add it to your favorites list, or download it for offline enjoyment.

Nobex also makes use of the Application Menu, which is accessed by swiping down from the top bezel of your phone. This gives access Help, Settings, and About screens (the Built for BlackBerry-recommended placement for these items).

User Protection

Nobex also cares about its users’ wallets. Not only is the app free, but it also ensures that users don’t get hit with high data charges. If you attempt to stream/download content without a Wi-Fi connection, the application will prompt you by default to ensure you want to go ahead with the action you’re attempting (prompt can be disabled in the App Settings).

Integration with the Hub

One of the things that make an app Built for BlackBerry is enhancing the user experience by integrating with other services in the BlackBerry platform. Nobex achieves this by placing a user’s podcast subscriptions into the Hub. Whenever a new episode is released for a subscribed podcast, a notification will appear in the user’s Hub to remind them and ensure they don’t miss it.

There are many more features that make Nobex a wonderful app to use. Useful content, good-looking graphics, intuitive navigation, and valuable functionality encompass the meaning of the Built for BlackBerry and Keep Moving mentality.

Overall, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the Nobex app and it is definitely a Built for BlackBerry app worth checking out!

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