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Last October, Zhang Dong, a developer based in Shanghai spent a week building a SNS Weibo (Chinese Twitter) app called MoWriter. It is now the most downloaded Chinese SNS app on BlackBerry World. He did expect few hundred downloads, but when he was invited to attend China’s BlackBerry 10 App Contest Award ceremony on March 30th in Beijing – he knew something big was coming.

Back in November 2012, China’s BlackBerry 10 App Contest kicked off by launching mini sites on cooperating developer community homepages. It caught the attention of hundreds developers right away. The 16 total prizes offered amounted to 350,000 CNY ($56,382 USD), with an additional 28 brand new BlackBerry 10 smartphones for winners, plus the opportunity to be promoted on the BlackBerry World carousal. All 16 winning teams were invited to Beijing for the award ceremony. One attending student developer said, “I need to thank you for the opportunity you gave us, no other company has ever done this before. BlackBerry truly cares about developers like us.” I am sure he will continue to build apps for BlackBerry 10 with his counterparts.

From November 2012 to February 2013, more than 500 developers signed up for the contests and more than 600 apps were successfully submitted to BlackBerry World across mainland China. In February of this year, 16 outstanding apps out of 30 finalists were picked by a team comprised of a BlackBerry app development manager, a marketing expert and selected BlackBerry consumers.

Sarim Aziz, one of the contest judges and head of Developer Relations in APAC attended the ceremony on March 30th to award the Grand Prize check of 100,000 CNY (1,588 USD) to Zhang Dong.

Photo: Sarim Aziz with the grand prize winner Zhang Dong

Mike Zhou, Developer Relations App Development Manager also presented the updated BlackBerry 10 platform technical overview, with a very interactive Q&A.

Photo: Mike Zhou presenting on the BlackBerry 10 technical platform introduction</p>

Cooperating developer communities played an important role in supporting the contest. Community leaders were also invited to be on stage to share their BlackBerry 10 experiences. Terry Zhao from HMTL5 DreamWorks said he was very satisfied with the exemplary performance of HTML5 on the BlackBerry 10 platform and he is expecting a number of high-quality games from his community this year. Xiangning Liao from the Flash Community was also very happy because out of 16 winning apps, four of them came from his group. Liao added, “I am glad to see how well the BlackBerry 10 platform supports Adobe Air and I am sure Flash developers will submit more BlackBerry apps!”

Photo: Dev Community leaders sharing experiences

Thanks again for the great support from Chinese Dev Communities, HTML5 Dreamworks, the Flash Community, and the CNBBDev Group!

Photo: Group photo with developers

Meanwhile, the Taiwan BlackBerry 10 Enterprise App Contest wrapped up on March 20th. Pipedeal and Nlink (free version)/ (paid version) were the winners from Taiwan. Judges are currently reviewing submissions for the Hong Kong BlackBerry 10 App Contest. Six finalists will be selected by the BlackBerry team and public voters by April 9th. We saw great enthusiasm coming from the region and will keep everyone posted on the results.

For more information on Chinese BlackBerry 10 App Contests, please check out the videos below:

Video 1:Special prizes winning apps introduction (10)

Video 2:2nd and 3rd prizes winning apps introduction

More information about winning apps:

MoWriter – By Zhang Dong – MoWriter has been the most popular third-party Sina Weibo client on the BlackBerry® platform since 2009. Now a new version for BlackBerry® 10 has been developed, with full functionality and an excellent user experience. The senior software developer works for an automotive company’s Shanghai office. He spends his spare time working on the Weibo client using the Cascades SDK. MMMOOO has been collaborating with him since last year.

Let the ball roll up – By the Air Mobile Team – The game’s idea is based on an old Chinese trick. Audiences must use their skills to keep track of a ball that has been put in one of three fast-switching bowls. This app was selected as the winner of the BlackBerry JamHack in Shanghai in October 2012. The app has been polished further since. The Air Mobile Team has formed a startup company early this year and is planning to submit more online games within the coming months.

PTCInquiry – By Leo Wang – This is a tool that can read the information from metro cards using NFC technology. The app reads the balance of metro cards and records the last 10 transactions. It was developed by Leo Wang of Nanjing Youdian University, who established on the BlackBerry Developer blog. (PTCInquiry currently only supports Beijing, China but will be expanded to more cities in the coming versions).

Photo Club – By Wu Zhou – This app features the ability to: Adjust Photos, Add Clipart, Add Frames, Add Effects, and Add Custom Elements. Users of Photo Club also have the developer’s guarantee of free updates for the app’s lifetime.

Oxygen Bubble – By Team Zero – Two Flash developers developed the Oxygen Bubble game during Shanghai JamHack in October of 2012 and continued polishing the app after the event.

Truth or Dare – By Wteam – This application is a virtual Truth or Dare game. One person must complete a randomly drawn card labeled “Truth” or “Dare”. This all-ages game was developed by Wteam, an innovative startup from Guangdong Ocean University.

Gif Animator –By Zhongfei Ge – This is a cool GIF making app that allows users to create the most attractive animations on mobile devices. Users just have to select photos from their gallery and use the tools provided to create amazing animated GIF pictures. Users also have the ability to share GIFs via SNS or BBM.

Clash of Stars – By Finger2Finger – This game invites users to go on a space adventure, dodging cosmic rays, black holes, and interstellar attacks. The development group, Finger2Finger, has submitted over 600 games via the BlackBerry 10 portathons. A majority of the games were developed based on Cocos-2D.

Infinity lands – By Ifree studio – This is a strategy game developed by a leading company of over 400 developers.

Back to Whale Island – By Air Mobile Team

Star Tracker – By Weibin Pan – This app features the ability to identify what stars, constellations and deep sky objects you are looking at in real-time. The app utilizes a mobile device’s gyroscope, digital compass, and accelerometer to drive the best user experience. This paid app has been featured on the BlackBerry World carousal and has so far generated over 2000 downloads for one month.

Wallpaper Shifter – By Liangcheng Cao – Wallpaper Shifter is a tool that enables the automatic rotation of wallpapers on BlackBerry 10 devices. Users can define a profile and desired interval at the same time!

Dtrip – By JiangDan – Dtrip features the ability to help users plan their trips abroad.

Berry Sonar – By Air Mobile Pioneer s – This app was developed by a participating team of attendees at the Shanghai 2012 BlackBerry JamHack.

Mega Emoji –By Jibiao – Mega Emoji is a useful tool with more than 1000+ smiley, symbols, and BBM emoji that can be used in messages on SMS, BBM, Facebook, and Twitter.

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