BlackBerry Jam Starter Session – Event Review


Last week we traveled out West to Vancouver and Saskatoon and teamed up with WaveFront to host our first ever BlackBerry Jam Starter Sessions. The aim of these Starter Sessions is to introduce the BlackBerry 10 platform to eager developers in the area, and get their hands dirty by offering hands-on labs and walkthroughs that demonstrate the ease and power of developing using WebWorks and Cascades…and to have fun while doing it!

The mornings begin with an overview of the BlackBerry 10 Development platform. How is BlackBerry 10 different from previous BlackBerry operating systems? What tools are available to develop on the platform? Why should you care about writing apps for BlackBerry 10? How do you get started? All of these questions and more are answered within the first 30 minutes of the day!

After the overview, we get into the fun stuff. The first half is all WebWorks. What support does BlackBerry offer for HTML5 development? What can you do with HTML5? What is included in the WebWorks toolkit? How do I access native APIs? By the time this presentation is over, everyone is ready to start writing…and that’s what we do! The following two hours are dedicated towards getting you acquainted with WebWorks and writing your first application for BlackBerry 10. How does it look? You’ll find out using our Ripple Emulator!

After an awesome lunch break (seriously, we had pad thai!), and an opportunity to network, we get back to it with Cascades and the C/C++ native SDK. You’re introduced to the Cascades UI framework, the various controls available to you, the abundance of APIs you can leverage, and more. We discuss how events work in Cascades, built-in behaviors of the UI, and some of the key components you’ll come to love.

Once you’re done learning, it’s time to start doing! We get your environments setup and get to building, step-by-step, your first beautiful Cascades application, and run it through the BlackBerry 10 simulator so you can interact with it.

The turnouts were great, and so were the people. I’m still receiving awesome feedback from developers that learned a ton…and who doesn’t want to be part of an end-of-day rock-paper-scissors tournament for great prizes?!

Sound like something you’re interested in? Well the Starter Sessions don’t stop in Saskatoon! We’re heading out to Montreal and Halifax April 16th and 18th to do it all over again. If you’d like to participate, hit the link below for details on location, registration, and agenda; we’d love to have you.

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