New BlackBerry Certified Builder Program Recognizes Developer Expertise


We’re excited that the BlackBerry Certified Builder program has launched! If you have expertise in Web/HTML5 or native application development for the BlackBerry platform, then you’ll want to keep reading to understand all the benefits that this program offers you.

To achieve the BlackBerry Certified Builder designation, you must pass a thorough exam designed to test your knowledge in either Web/HTML5 or native application development. Once you pass the exam and earn your BlackBerry Certified Builder designation, it’s yours to use as you choose to show that you have successfully met BlackBerry’s high standards for development quality, skill, and knowledge.

Getting Certified

You need to write an exam to become a BlackBerry Certified Builder. There are two streams:

  1. BlackBerry Certified Builder for Web – This is for those developing Web applications using the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks Software Development Kit.
  2. Review the guidelines to see if you’re a candidate for this certification.

  3. BlackBerry Certified Builder for Native – This is for those developing applications using the BlackBerry 10 Native Software Development Kit and Cascades UI framework.
  4. Review the guidelines to see if you’re a candidate for this certification.

We have links to resources on our BlackBerry Certified Builder website to help you get ready for the exam. Check them out here.

You can take the BlackBerry Certified Builder exam at one of the designated test centers of our certification vendor, Prometric. They have hundreds of test center locations around the world so you should be able to find one in your region. Visit the Prometric website to find a location near you, search for seat availability, and schedule or cancel exams.

If you want to know more about the logistics of writing the exam, finding out results, or exam retakes and security – you can check out the Terms and Conditions.

Benefits and perks

Anyone who successfully earns their BlackBerry Certified Builder designation will have access to an icon they can use as a quick visual to let employers, colleagues, and the developer community know they are certified.

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